Attention all combat personnel:

Taskforce 91 is proud to announce the beginning phases of Marine Combat Training are now being taught by S-3 personnel. This 8-course indoctrination will provide a solid foundation for any ground personnel, covering personal-, team-, and squad-level responsibilities, tactics, and drills. This training is MANDATORY for 1st Battalion, 462nd Logistics Company, and Shock Trauma units, and not required, but strongly suggested, for 8MAW personnel.

For more information, see this thread:

Posted By: samas
Date: Tue July, 29, 2014
To All TF91 Assets:

Be advised that today, 19 JUL 2014, we are testing the Combat Space Enhancement mod unit-wide, and beginning training on it. Be sure to connect to the Standard repo and download the changes before training! For issue resolution, please see an S4 members promptly.

Posted By: samas
Date: Sat July, 19, 2014
S4 would like to announce that changes have been pushed to our dedicated servers and repos to fix incompatibility with the new ARMA update.

Mods updated include: Robert Hammer's M4, NATO/SF/Spetznaz Weapons, and R3F Armes (Linebacker).

As more compatibility fixes come out, these will also be applied until we are 100% compatible with 1.24

Posted By: samas
Date: Wed July, 16, 2014
As the title states, the new update for ARMA broke Robert Hammer's M4s, and really, they are not broken, the guns just don't make any noise when fired. Stand-by for a series of updates in the next day or two to fix these problems.

Posted By: samas
Date: Tue July, 15, 2014

A lot of people are experiencing an issues with viewing certain pages of the website. If you're this person all you must do to fix this error
is go to -> Press Logout -> Press Login -> Login again -> Go back to that page.

The reason for this is that a lot of us chose 'Always stay logged in',  which has cached your login.

Pages that are affected by this are:

Mod Packs
Hand Book
(Extended)Leave of Absence
Uniform Code of Military Justice

Thank you,

S/4 Website team.

Posted By: R. Patel
Date: Sun June, 29, 2014

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