S4 managed to set up an additional repo server, which should improve download speed especially in Europe. The address will stay the same, it should automatically redirect you to the server with the best download speed for you. Should you run into any issues, please contact S4. Be advised that even though there was no actual update, Arma3Sync might show that your repository needs to be updated.

Thank you.

Posted By: J. Blane
Date: Mon September, 08, 2014
Concerning the earlier post made by M. Smith:

Remember to make sure that you're not running the legacy build of ARMA 3 anymore. The underlying issues has been fixed. This means that you need to right click on ARMA 3 in Steam, click on Properties, go into the Betas tab and unsubscribe from all the betas, provided you actually switched to the legacy build earlier.

Our repository has been updated to a newer version, so make sure you update your modpacks to the most recent versions before your next training.

Additionally, we have made a minor change to our website's navigation bar in preparation of better website/forum integration. The "Headquarters" dropdown has been moved to the right side of the navigation bar and only shows up for logged in users. If you do not see the navigation update, please log out of the forums and log back.

That is all.

Posted By: M. Dawson
Date: Fri August, 29, 2014
Update on the status of our recruit training:

TP 170 got pushed to Sunday, 24th of August.
Time stays the same.

Posted By: J. Blane
Date: Sat August, 23, 2014
Okay, so here's the skinny:

The new Arma 3 update is broken for everyone who plays on servers with mods. We need to downgrade to the previous version.

Open up your steam library and click on Arma 3 in your games list.  Go to Properties - > betas - > enter "Arma3Legacy124" into the box and downpatch. It's roughly 850 mb to downgrade, but it's nessecary in order to play on our servers.

Be advised that this interferes with the regular servers that aren't using mods, since they're running the newest version, which in terms means that you can't play on regular servers until the problem is fixed.

When we know more about the problem and the solution for it, we will keep you updated. Stay frosty for now gentlemen.

Short Update from S1 & S3 since it's not perfectly clear from the above post: This weekend's Recruit Training and Unit Wide training is cancelled, so is the official operation. We will keep you updated.

Posted By: M. Smith
Date: Thu August, 21, 2014
Gentlemen, it's that time again!

We're currently looking for new S4 staff members. It's a common misconception that you're supposed to know about coding and mission making. I want to make it clear, that this is NOT the case! Mission making and coding is only a small percentage of what we actually do in S4. Some of the jobs we do include:

  • Server update / maintenance

  • Teamspeak update / maintenance

  • Testing new mods

  • Repository update / maintenance

  • Make new awesome graphics

These are only some of the things we do in S4.

You need to understand that even if you don't have any of these skills, we can always train you. We have a lot of good people in S4 who are excellent teachers and the only thing keeping you from joining S4 and expanding your horizon, is yourself.

Don't hesitate, talk to either myself as S4 head, or 2ndLt Samas who's my 2IC, or simply grab someone from S4 and have them give you the skinny on what we do.

Posted By: M. Smith
Date: Thu August, 21, 2014

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